Silversea's Antarctica Cruises

Experience Antarctica with an expedition cruise and discover a frosted wilderness of glistening white as far as the eye can see.  Natural ice sculptures like enormous works of avant-garde art.  This is the modern explorer’s final frontier.  A place unlike anywhere else on earth where unique nature and wildlife species exist and in fact thrive despite the harsh climate.  An Antarctic cruise will bring you through the wonders of the surreal landscape.  Marvel at calving glaciers and experience up-close encounters with marine mammals.  During your Antarctica cruise, you will observe seals sunbathing on slow-moving ice floes, perfectly at ease in the company of visitors.  Hear the cries of penguins multiplied by the thousands.  Feel the unspeakable magnificence of a whale surfacing from beneath the frigid waters.

These astounding animal encounters are opportunities found nowhere else on earth, and yours to experience with Silversea Expedition cruise.

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